As a member of Generation X, Sahar Paz has been positioned as the connector between Millenials and Baby Boomers.

Companies such as HBO, Facebook, and Whole Foods hire Sahar Paz when they are ready to optimize communication for effective production, negotiation, sales and leadership across generations.

Sahar’s career began in finance overseeing a staff of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers. By the age of 25 she was wealthy and bored.

She pivoted her career and dedicated her body of work to giving a voice to people and issues.  Since then she has lectured as a college professor and founded Free Your Star Foundation, which empowered minority students in Brooklyn with programs and scholarships that focused on the business side of fashion. Sahar currently mentors over 50 college students and young professionals through her structured “Find & Own Your Voice Mentor Program.”

Upon relocating to Houston from New York, Sahar wrote and published a best-selling memoir and cognitive behavior guide titled “Find Your Voice.” It details her journey of a shamed refugee child to a courageous entrepreneur. The success of her teachings morphed into an online course titled: “The Introduction of Finding Your Voice.”

Upon the end of her national book tour, companies and organizations began reaching out to Sahar to speak at annual conferences and training events.  She was frequently asked to speak at the next event based on immediate positive feedback to event planners from attendees about the impact she had on them detailing which of the conversation approaches were used and successful among leading a multi-generational team.

Sahar is known for her ability to close the communication gap between the up to 5 generations that exist in today’s workforce.

Through humorous and honest storytelling entry level associates alongside c-suite executives will understand each other's voices, perspectives and drivers; increasing trust, strategy, and productivity; decreasing frustration and turnover.  Her consulting clients and keynote speaking audiences have included several corporations, conferences and universities, including Greater Houston Partnership, Texas Medical Center, Emerging Women Live, and University of Denver.  Her advice and opinions have appeared in such media outlets as Denver Post, Houston Chronicle, Daily News LA, Westword, and Latin Post.

Sahar is frequently sought after by brands wanting to leverage their multi-generational talent bench to communicate better strategies, close more sales, and retain top employees. 

Today, Sahar is based out of Houston, Texas as the CEO of Own Your Voice Strategy Firm, and is often seen about town with her dog, Rico.