“Sahar captured staff and students with her deeply inspiring story. Whatever was overwhelming any of us in that auditorium became graspable...it felt like a collective sigh of relief.”
— Dr. Milton, Director of Women’s Studies, SVA
“Sahar is a compelling & charismatic, her story is intensely personal, yet universal in its application. She is a bravely original and deeply perceptive author and an engaging and uplifting speaker.”
— Katy Hansell, MBA, CBC, Emerging Women’s Conference

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As a therapist, I have found this book to be an effective instrument to address ‘old messages’ that are no longer relevant. Detailed exercises you are able to actively create a more positive outlook for the prcoess of individual growth.


I'm Sahar Paz

A resilient problem solver dedicated to breaking the stigma of emotional health in individuals, schools, and society.

I guide teens, women, and men to understand the relationship between their thoughts and emotions, freeing them from unhealthy coping patterns.