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“Sahar is a dynamic speaker that manages to relate to every age in the crowd. There was a collective sigh of relief at some points. By far the best leadership speaker we have heard. ”

— S. Colon, HBO


Emotional intelligence is a consequence of self awareness.

An organizations success is strongly influenced by personal qualities of its staff, such as self awareness and self-control and the ability to leverage these skills to solve problems under pressure. As the workplace continues to evolve it’s mandatory for the workforce to be tuned into themselves. Workers with high emotional intelligence are better able to adjust to change, work in teams, persevere and be productive.

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Emotions impact our ability to work and make good decisions.

Unlike intelligence (I.Q.), the four parts of Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) which are self awareness, self management, social awareness, and relationship management can be developed. Gift your leadership team with emotional intelligence and the ROI of this soft skill will be immediate. Cultivate an inclusive and adaptable culture by developing a leadership team who understands their emotions, as well as, others.

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Before you own your voice in leadership, you need to find it.

Find Your Voice is a course in emotional intelligence that guides you to understand the connection between your thoughts, your emotions, and your reaction - your spoken voice.

Learn more about Sahar’s book, Find Your Voice, and her online course, The Introduction to Finding Your Voice.



Sahar is an expert generations translator who empowers organizations to equip the voice of their leadership with emotional intelligence.