Find your voice
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with Sahar



Find your voice
Build your brand
Own your future

with  Sahar 


It’s Time to
Own Your Voice

with  Sahar’s help

Overcome impostor syndrome, build your brand, and expand your influence with these immersive online courses.


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Own Your Voice Podcast

Conversations about emotional intelligence, branding, and Diversity Equity & Inclusion.



Badra Andrews

National Association of Women Business Owners

“We had the honor to hear Sahar Paz “Own Your Voice” talk to women business owners. I cannot say enough of how much she inspired and empowered us to own our voices and tell our stories. She is a dynamic speaker with a mission to help us understand our emotional intelligence and she NAILED it!”

Gabriella Zahoranska

General Assembly

“Sahar contributed to multiple General Assembly events and webinars over the past year. She is an enthusiastic presenter who is knowledgeable about personal branding and storytelling. She has an amazing ability to connect with the audience and to drive interactive discussions in person and in the virtual world.”

Your voice is
Sahar’s mission

Conscious Leader. Entrepreneur. Author. Speaker. Personal Branding Expert.

Sahar Paz didn’t grow up playing house, she played office. At the age of 13, she launched a baby and pet sitting company generating more cash flow than all the lawn mowing boys on the block! A natural leader with an active left-and-right brain, Sahar was 25 years old in New York City with a lucrative career in finance and bored out of her mind. Read her entire journey to learn how she pivoted her career from a best-selling author to being hired by Facebook and HBO to help their women leaders find and own their voices.


Own Your Voice Podcast

Featured Episodes

Before You Own Your Voice - You Find It.

Get ready to feel your voice ignite after hearing about Sahar’s deeply personal story of losing herself, burning out, and rebuilding from scratch.


A Letter For The Dinner Table

Every season Own Your Voice Podcast hosts a live party, in episode 17 you’ll hear an impactful letter written by one of our listeners.


Reignite Your r/EVOLUTION.

There has never been a better time to reclaim your power and reimagine your future. Your untapped purpose becomes an unstoppable power.


Own Your Voice Summit

Sahar’s annual social impact initiative

The Own Your Voice experience brings Voices of Impact together to inspire action in leaders around the world.

Sahar Paz guides you through self-awareness techniques and in-depth discussions that reveal the emotional drivers impacting how you claim your personal power, or unknowingly give it away, one conversation at a time. Each session builds on the last and helps you breakthrough 5 key areas of life: self, relationships, mission+money, and spirituality. 


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