Rigid Expectations

personal development Mar 21, 2020
“Perfection will rob your life of adventure”     — SAHAR PAZ

Here’s the thing about perfection.

Many of us have the pleasure of living in the free world.

We can make what we want with our lives, with enough determination, and confidence.

Yet, the fear of the unknown, our own power, mixed with our rigid expectations, hold us back – keep us at mediocrity. We’ve become restless knowing we are not reaching our full potential…living with purpose and passion.

I’m focusing on perfection this month because it’s the new year, and with that comes the sense that it’s a clean slate – the ultimate time to make a change.

The reality is, you can start anew at any moment.

There also another reality about making a change, breaking the cycle, adopting a new belief:


Your first challenge will be the daily grind.

Your second challenge will be re-writing your core expectations.

You have a certain picture of how things should be and should feel… in any area of your life…

As you grow older, experience more, make mistakes, gain wisdom, your bigger picture should also shift. But, some of us, myself included, have a hard time keeping the future fluid.

The more uncertain things are, the more we want to control them.

So we plan, we picture, and we set solid what the end goal should look like. Then, we get into automatic pilot going after it.

When is the last time you stopped to check-in?


To see if your big picture is fulfilling some idea of a perfect life that is no longer aligned with who you are now?

Digging down to your longstanding core expectations can be easy for some, difficult for others.

A great window into this space is aligning your recent lows … negativity.

Think of an experience recently that you have been wanting or working hard towards.

What did you think this experience would feel like, be like?

What did this space actually feel like?

What did you complain about during the process of getting there(inward or vocal)?

What does this experience say about YOU?

What feelings are left with you after this?

Are you satisfied, or still wanting more?

Where is the theme? Where else do these feelings show up? 


Allow yourself to sit with these questions for a day-or-two, perhaps even a week.

Reflect on what you learned this year. What felt good. What strengths you adopted. What wisdom you gained.

Then go back to the drawing board.

Get fluid with the future. Allow yourself room to be a realistic idealist. Grounded in your wisdom, reaching for your dreams.

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