Factor in EQ to Find a Wealth of Knowledge

emotional intelligence personal development Jan 14, 2021

This is the time of year to be inspired and to inspire others. 

The aspiration to be better is inherently human and around new years is when we are - as a collective - inspired to do, be, and live better. 

The new year’s inspiration has been translated as a time to get in shape, make moves on your resolution list, or choose one word for the year. In this article, I offer you the option to achieve whatever change you want through Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Your approach to the new year should reflect your personality and come from a healthy place.  

Why? Because change takes discipline, persistent stamina from within, which means you need to have a motivational plan for who you are at the core.  

Motivating yourself is 80% dependent on one’s level of Emotional Intelligence and 20% dependent on IQ, using your intellect to set yourself up to succeed. Time and time again, humans choose meaning over money for motivation - for long-lasting motivation that will get you through 2021, come back to your values versus dangling an expensive something at the end of your stick to help you keep focus and momentum. 

Values become the cornerstone of decisions that feel good for the long run. 

How does emotional intelligence factor into understanding your values? You become aware of your values through the first step of EI: Self-Awareness. When you become more connected to your self-talk and emotions, they provide a wealth of information and let you know what’s important to you and what is less critical.


Emotional Intelligence is governed mostly by the brain’s limbic system, which controls feelings, impulses, and drives. The limbic system learns through:

  1. Motivation 
  2. Extended practice
  3. Feedback


Think about those with whom you interact at home or work on a daily basis: 

  • What effect do you have on their inspiration to improve? 
  • Do you treat others with respect and enhance their self-esteem, thereby enabling them to attain the highest level of needs and achieve their full potential?
  • Look for ways to practice better-listening habits, more constructive responses, and show your humility and vulnerability as a human.

If each of us can help others achieve their full potential, think of how much better things would be. 

Looking forward to a better 2021.

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