Build A Successful Speaking Business

Develop your talks. Create your marketing materials. Pitch yourself successfully.


You have something to say—and value to give.

What you don’t yet have is the exact blueprint to provide this value and amplify your voice as a credible speaker. You shouldn’t be wasting your time trying to figure it out on your own. Your time - and voice - are more valuable than that.

You're a natural speaker and ready to identify a strategy to scale your personal brand. 

You are already speaking on behalf of your business and ready to take it to the next level and never speak for free again. 

You're ready to own your voice and share your story to make social impact and land a TEDx.

You want to raise your rates, identify worthwhile speaking gigs —and decide which you are better off turning down.

You want to get clear on where to find speaking gigs and pitch yourself confidently


Expand your influence. Secure your future. Own your voice. 

The road to public speaking is littered with those who made rookie mistakes. They failed to create a sustainable online presence. They failed to learn how to pitch. Your time is valuable, you don't have to figure it out on your own.  

Lesson 1: Power Start (video + reflective exercise)

Lesson 2: Impact Talks (video + ebook + worksheet)

Lesson 3: Delivering Your Talk (video + audio practice)

Lesson 4: Speaker Marketing Materials (video + worksheet + templates)

Lesson 5: Pitching + Contracts (video + pitch examples + contract templates + worksheets)

30 Minute Phone Call with Sahar - You get to schedule this 90 days from your purchase date!

Speaking is a part of your life - either because it's your passion, or because your voice is your best marketing tool. 

I get that. My entire business has been built on my voice. I spoke to college classes out of passion, that birthed a New York City non-profit, which led to me writing "Find Your Voice." and ultimately why your eyes are meeting my words today. 

I designed this course base on what I've learned starting, launching, and sustaining my speaking business since 2011. It's more than guided brainstorming, you will get clear on your positioning, how to find speaking gigs and pitch yourself. Most importantly, you won't speak for free, you will always get value for your voice and I've got the contracts in this course to help you do that. 

Along with video, audio, and printable workbooks, you will get tricks-of-the-trade, speechwriting tools, pitch templates, and contracts. 

The day you invest in your voice, your 90 day window opens to schedule a 30 minute phone call with me.  Have your questions ready, I'm here to champion your voice! 



"Sahar has a way with words that will leave you thinking and empower you to step into your true self. Sahar was a HUGE help with assisting with my speaking engagements and personal brand. If you have the opportunity to learn from this brilliant woman don't turn it down!"

Toni B.
Marketing + Impact Consultant

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