Sahar Paz is a keynote speaker, author of “Find Your Voice” and passionate about starting critical conversation that impact the emotional health  of individuals, schools, and society.

She guides students, adults, educators, and professionals to understand the relationship between their thoughts and emotions, freeing them -  and their voice  - from destructive coping patterns.

Her passion for this work came from her personal journey of surviving war, sexual abuse, suicide attempts, and professional burnout.

Her first book, Find Your Voice, The Life You Crave is a Conversation Away is a critically acclaimed memoir and reflection guide based on her journey, and the tools that ultimately saved her life.

Sahar's thought-provoking keynotes have been presented at respected conferences such as Emerging Women Live, and University of Denver Women’s Conference. Her clients range from high schools dealing with bullying and suicide, to Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, and socially-conscious organizations like Whole Foods.  

Sahar related to the audience in a way no other speaker did. Whatever was overwhelming any of us in that auditorium became felt like a collective sigh of relief.

Entertaining and approachable. Sahar paints a true masterpiece with her words, and offers clarity and guidance in connecting to the inner voice. She offers women the permission to fearlessly go after a dream, and the power of saying yes to all of the possibilities of life. Beautiful.
— Dana Michelle Cook, Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker and Television Producer

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