Being a teen can really suck. 

You're in this space where you are almost an adult, but not yet. So, there is a good chance you are feeling moments of stress, sadness, loneliness or even anxiety. 

I totally understand. Because my teen years were my hardest years. My emotions felt so powerful, and I had a hard time dealing with them, on top of the pressure of homework, friends, and boys. 

I want to hold space for you. 

A private place of non-judgement. 

A conversation that acknowledges how you are feeling, and how we can find solutions together. 

If you think you want to involve your parents, not during YOUR time with me, but separately. I can represent your voice, please see Family Programs.

We can meet for 30 minutes over the phone or video for $175 to get started.

Before we meet, you and I will exchange e-mails to get a clear idea of how to make the most of our time together.

After our session you will also receive a e-mail wrapping up what we covered, any action-items, and points of reflection. 



Often I find that teens want to discuss and be heard by other teens. I love to facilitate these conversations because our connection to our phones has degraded our ability to connect with people. 

You have two choices to join a peer-to-peer program: 

1. Tell your teacher, counselor, or principal to have me come to your school to train 3 student ambassadors, and 1 adult to run peer-2-peer programs, this includes copies of my book, "Find Your Voice" for everyone in the group. 


2. Find 3 friends - there needs to be a minimum of 4 people between the ages of 13-19. You and I will meet once a month for 3 months over video, as a group. Each of you will need to collect $199, and you will all receive a copy of my book, and a journal. 

If you have any questions contact me here. 

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bullying & suicide 

When I first moved to the United States I was bullied.

It made me keep to myself and my sadness and anger began to grow. My first suicide attempt was at the age of 15. 

I know that I am not the only one who has been picked on, or thought about suicide. 

I want to help bring a voice to this problem for you. 

Please talk to your teacher, counselor, or principal about having me come to your school to give a presentation. 

Click here to get the document link to share with them. 



your voice matters in the world. 

If you are feeling unheard, unloved, and overwhelmed with emotions please e-mail me. I understand the pressures and misunderstanding you are facing. 

My email is Sahar@SaharPaz.com 

My contact form is here.


Your Right to Privacy:

You have certain rights as a client and as a consumer of Sahar Paz coaching services.

You have a right and a limit to privacy. Generally speaking, information provided by a client during coaching sessions is legally confidential, and the coach cannot share or disclose the information without the client’s consent.

This means that what is said in our coaching session will be kept private. However, as with all mandated reporters, I am ordered by law to report the things you have said if I have reason to believe that one or more of the following situations exist:

• I suspect child abuse, or abuse of an elder or disabled person.

• I feel there is a threat of you harming yourself or others.

• You become unable to take care of yourself and additional help is required.

• There is a mandated legal request for information (i.e., court subpoena).

Your records will be maintained in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a federal law that provides privacy protections and client rights with regard to the use and disclosure of your Protected Health Information (PHI) used for the purpose of treatment, payment, and health care operations. HIPAA requires that I provide you with a Notice of Privacy Practices.