We survive to share our stories. 

By doing so we free so many from unnecessary pain, and fatal endings. 

YOUR VOICE is your super power. 

Please be graceful and powerful.

Offer your voice to someone that can't speak up.

Be gentle with the people that are bullies, for they are hurting too.

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Family Coaching...

Is your teenager dealing with bullying and/or depression? 

Set up a FREE consult with Sahar to have her coach your family during this challenging time.  

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My Latest Article...

Take a moment to read my latest article published on Literal Shyft about being a parent to a bully, or the child being bullied. 

Click here to read my "Who Is Hurting" article. 


My Suicide Story...

My story about surviving suicide has been published on Intellectual Refugee! It may not be comfortable, but I know sharing my story will help another.

Click here to read the entire story.  

Personalized copy of "Find Your Voice"
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We think up to 70,000 thoughts in ONE day!

Our Inner Voice has quite a personality!!

Sometimes, it works for us, and sometimes it works against us. To help decipher the good and destructive patterns of your Inner Voice, I've created different Archetypes. 

Each month I act out a skit introducing you to two Archetypes that your inner voice can adopt. 

One that represents your Authentic Voice. 

One that represents your Inner Bully. 

Watch more below!!