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It's time. To speak up. To stand out. To shine brightly. To live your truth.



Sahar Paz has a mission to build a collective of thought leaders that will own their voice and tip the scales towards conscious leadership. She grew up playing office, and at the age of 13, she launched a babysitting company hiring her friend Amber- together they generated more cash flow than all the lawn mowing boys on the block!

Sahar hasn’t stopped creating businesses and giving back to those in her community since 1992. Her body of work includes launching Free Your Star Foundation during her decade living in New York, then publishing her memoir “Find Your Voice” in Houston! Today she is the CEO of Own Your Voice Strategy Firm and gives back to the community through her Voice of Impact membership program.

Sahar attributes her ability to be a conscious leader to being a refugee of war and is committed to giving back to the communities that invested in her voice for the entirety of her journey.