Men’s thoughts & emotions working against them reveal themselves as physical pain.

EXISTING AS A MAN IN TOUCH with his emotions can feel like A CATCH-22.

There are different messages that are communicated to you - sometimes verbally, sometimes silently: 

  • Suck it up, be a man.
  • Be more sensitive & understanding.
  • Don't show your emotions or you are weak.

Anger & power are limited emotions accepted of a man and his process.

You are often seen as a robot, working logistically through life as a protector & provider. 

When you do offer your vulnerable and emotion-full side, it can be greeted with disregard or insensitivity, after all, shouldn't you suck it up and be a man?

I will hold this space for you. For you to use your masculine capacities of analysis, logistics, and action to get to know your process, your emotions, and how to communicate them.

Often this work will allow you to understand the people in your life better, especially the women in your life.

There is a shift that has and is happening with women stepping in into traditional provider & protector roles. This transition leaves room to question your role, how your partnership and voice are still needed...valued. 

I will guide you to empower and support the voices of the women in your life, without taking away from what you need, and your worth in this dynamic. 


It felt awkward to want to talk to someone about my emotional challenges. What I liked most about working with Sahar is that it was a relaxed conversation. I felt curious versus weary of my emotions.
— Vince Clayton, San Francisco, CA

benefits of working with sahar: 


  • No longer align weakness with your emotional process
  • Communicate more effectively and compassionately
  • Have a healthy relationship with your fear
  • Better understand the women in your life
  • Your anxiety will no longer rule you 





I want to make sure that my voice and approach is aligned with what you are needing. 

Before your first session we will exchange e-mails for me to gain a full view of your life and what you are wanting to achieve in our time together. 

There is a free 15 minute phone call that helps us get on the same page before we start your session. 

Your session will be 30 minutes with me, over the phone or video. 

You will also receive a follow up e-mail with reflections and actions to begin to find and use your voice. 

Your investment is $175 for your first session.  

After our first session you have the option to continue with 3, 6, or 9 sessions.  I offer these packages because it takes a certain level of commitment to change, and I want to hold you accountable to what motivated you in the first place to start working with me. 



In three sessions you will be able to decipher the tones of your inner voice. 

This reveals to you your coping patterns, and ultimately the space that has held you back. 

You will learn when to lean away and observe the destructive dialogue. 

You will receive: 

- Three, 45 minute session, phone or video

- post-session e-mails 

- A copy of "Find Your Voice"

Your investment is $465


In six sessions you will be able to listen and lean away from your destructive patterns. 

This awareness allows you to actively catch yourself, and reshape your approach. 

You will gain curiosity about your process, in turn giving yourself permission to use your voice. 

You will receive: 

- Six, 45 minute session, phone or video

- post-session e-mails 

- A copy of "Find Your Voice"

Your investment is $900


In nine sessions you will transform your voice on a gut and emotional level. In other words, calm confident conversations will become your new normal. 

I will guide you to get through thought & emotion barriers that have robbed you of a voice. 

Then you will use your voice in a way that serves your personality and process.

You will receive: 

- Nine, 45 minute session, phone or video

- post-session e-mails 

- A copy of "Find Your Voice"

Your investment is $1300

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Your Right to Privacy:

You have certain rights as a client and as a consumer of Sahar Paz coaching services.

You have a right and a limit to privacy. Generally speaking, information provided by a client during coaching sessions is legally confidential, and the coach cannot share or disclose the information without the client’s consent.

This means that what is said in our coaching session will be kept private. However, as with all mandated reporters, I am ordered by law to report the things you have said if I have reason to believe that one or more of the following situations exist:

• I suspect child abuse, or abuse of an elder or disabled person.

• I feel there is a threat of you harming yourself or others.

• You become unable to take care of yourself and additional help is required.

• There is a mandated legal request for information (i.e., court subpoena).

Your records will be maintained in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a federal law that provides privacy protections and client rights with regard to the use and disclosure of your Protected Health Information (PHI) used for the purpose of treatment, payment, and health care operations. HIPAA requires that I provide you with a Notice of Privacy Practices.