I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by this page.

It lets me know you are a person dedicated to change, that is a quality about you that will never go away. Honor that.

I’ve created yoga and meditation videos that are meant to be partnered with the chapters in Find Your Voice. If you’ve found yourself here and don’t have the book, no worries. Enjoy the message and I hope that it brings you relaxation and clarity.

Come with no expectations and no fear. Don’t worry how many thoughts will come up for you, this is the space where you will learn how to listen, and how to detach.

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you. I want to heal the world, and I know I can’t do it alone. I need your help, so, please invest in your voice. So that you feel nurtured, loved, and courageous enough to speak your truth.

Be the shero of your story, and you too, will heal the world.

Sahar Paz

Click here to get yoga videos for chapter 1-3. 

Click here to get yoga videos for chapter 4-9. 

Sahar is one of those women who’s words echo in my mind since I found her online, and connected with her through her 1:1 program. She has taught me to respect my truth, my story, and my voice.
— Amy Rosenberg, Denver, CO


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When I ask you to FIND YOUR VOICE...I don't mean just your spoken voice.  Our INNER VOICE is the one with the real power.

You see, your Inner Voice, has a pattern of its own. 

If you want to know how you deal with life, and what is pushing you to grow, or holding you back, THE FIRST place you want to listen is to your own INNER VOICE. 

We all have thinking patterns. Some that are helpful. Some that are destructive. 

I have created Archetypes to help you understand the different ways of thinking we posses - as men, women, and teenagers. 

You can get to know 4 of the Archetypes in these videos below, and get to know all of them more closely in my self led course! 

Below the videos you will see all four modules for the "Introduction to Finding Your Voice" digital course!