There was a time when I was healing my heart from losing a love of 20 years.

The person I thought I would spend my life with.  During my healing journey I lived in Puerto Rico for a year, where I met Christine Gutierrez. 

Her mission to help better the lives of women addicted to love.

When it comes to relationships, she is my go-to. 

Please join Christine and I on February 2nd for a free webinar dedicated to YOUR RELATIONSHIP with love. 

Understand your story with love. 

Take an inventory of your expectations from love. 

Reflect on how you give and receive love, to yourself and to other.  RSVP using this form, and a link to the webinar will be sent to you 48 hours before we meet. 

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Do you smile at love, or do you smirk at the thought? 

Your initial reaction is your answer. 


What gets you to the point of LOVING or HATING love? 

Story: It's your story about what love should be. 

Expectations: It's your expectations of giving and receiving love. 

Willing: What you are and are not willing to settle for.

These three aspects, Story, Expectations, Willing, are exactly what Christine and I will be talking about on February 2nd.

The webinar is free, and for all to attend.

For those of you that are wanting some more love on these topics, Christine and I are offering a 3-week group coaching session for 20!

Once a week in February (15th, 21st, 28th) we are going to meet in a video chat for 60 minutes starting at 6 pm PST / 9pm EST.


The first week we are going to cover: THE STORY.

What is your story with love?

We are going to talk about your journey with love so far. From past to present. You can spend your time in the session focusing on all the love you hold for friends, family, and your romantic partner - OR - you can focus on one. 

What kind of love did you experience with your parents?

What is your relationship with love and friendship?

What about in your romantic relationships, what is your journey with love so far. 


The second week we are going to cover: THE EXPECTATIONS

Many of us think that love should look and act a certain way. This keeps us from accepting - ourselves and others - and the love communication gets criss-crossed. This week we talk about what you expect from love. 

What about yourself are you not loving? 

How would you like love to show up day-to-day?

What way are the people in your life loving you, how do you receive or avoid this love?


The third week we are going to cover: THE WILLINGNESS.

It's not abnormal that your experience with love includes time that you got a love upgrade - an experience that showed you what your kind of love acts like (affirmation vs. gifts). It's also normal for you to have settled for less than what you deserve.

What have you compromised in the past that you shouldn't have?

What is  good experience, an upgrade in love, that you have experienced?

What are you willing to promise yourself about your love, and your worth.