The mastermind behind Speak Up Women Conference is Jennifer Wilkov. Her mission in life is to move humankind forward.

I first met Jennifer 3 years ago when she was speaking at the California Women's Conference. She blew my mind and heart open with her grounded strength (you can tell by my expression when I got to hug her in person).

Her super power is staying calm in very very hard situations.

Jennifer survived being victimized by the Manhattan District Attorney's office and incarcerated in one of New York's and the nation's most violent prisons, Rikers Island.

She had to prove her innocence while incarcerated. Eventually the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority exonerated her, rendering a decision in an arbitration that all claims against her were denied in their entirety and that Jennifer was innocent.

The big voice of a financial corporation tried to silence Jennifer Wilkov, but her voice prevailed, and she has since created the Speak Up Women conference. 

This year I have been invited to speak on a panel focused around: 

How to speak up.  What's holding you back. 


Here is a peak into the heart of Speak Up Women:

Speak Up Women is an event designed to support women with understanding the importance and impact that Speaking Up has in their personal, professional and philanthropic lives. We are dedicated to helping women develop and use this essential skillset so they can be more effective and make a difference in more lives, including their own.

Speak Up Women will provide attendees with nuts-and-bolts information that will enable them to drive forward their passionate personal and professional agendas and causes; empower them to use their voice; and create change where change is necessary. It is a new kind of conference, where every attendee walks away stronger and more knowledgeable – and more fearless – than when they first entered.