YOU know you are not suppose to work for anyone else. 

Your potential has made you restless.

Your business ideas are keeping you up at night.

Not just because they are so damn good, but because you don't know where to start.

You've started questioning yourself, and are paying too much attention to other people doing what you want to be doing.

Trust me, I know. 

I have a soft spot for entrepreneurs because I've been one since I was 13. 

And, I have spent years making mistakes that have cost me a lot of time and money. 

Failures and SOLUTION I have no problem sharing with you, because the more people we have working for themselves, the faster we will make a positive shift on this planet...FOR THE GOOD. 


I believe in taking calculated risks. 

I believe in realistic idealists. 

I believe if you have an entrepreneurial bug, it is your responsibility to follow through

And, I want to support your journey. 

For this reason, my coaching fee for entrepreneurs is only $108. Scroll down to see my expertise, and you can mold your time with me to include any of the below.  You don't have to pick just one. 

If this amount is beyond what you can do, I will offer you one session for an "energy exchange."


Name *


Should I, Shouldn't I, start a business?


We take inventory of your personality & ideas. 

Now may not be the time for a full launch, but we plan for a future launch date. 

We figure out how to gather resources to make this a calculated leap. 


Help my brand through words! 

Together we write a good biography. 

How to create good content that builds trust. 

  • How do I organize my thoughts?
  • Where do I find a publisher?

I can't afford Public Relations, what next?


Free Press: How to become a thought leader. 

Your unique voice: create a niche in your industry. 

How to use social media and collaboration for exposure.



Help! I want to write a book...



We organize all of your ideas.

Figure out the flow of your story. 

Create a table-of-contents. 

Prepare you to approach publishers and editors.


Overwhelmed by all this social media...


Figuring out your voice over social media.

Proper content for each social media channel.  

How to align your brand with others for exposure and sponsorship. 


Freaking out! How do I build a strategy?


Take an inventory of your entrepreneurial strengths.

Funnel all your ideas into a strategy.

Determine your foundation: decide what niche you fill.

Establish a 6 month timeline.


Where do I find my customers??



Who are my customers?

How do I find them?

I hate marketing, I just want to talk to them. 


Help! I want to be a Public Speaker...


Never speak for free

Decide your talk topics

How to book speaking gigs