There is nothing like sharing your process, and having your questions answered directly by Sahar! Whether you are local in Houston, or abroad, Sahar can meet with your group!

Have Sahar guide your entire Find Your Voice journey. 

Sahar will meet with you a total of 4 times over the course of reading the book. The first session will be 30 minutes long and will set the tone for your experience before you dive into Find Your Voice. 


The remaining 3 sessions will be 90 to 120 minutes long, and include a brief introduction from Sahar, the remaining time is divided evenly for all participants to share, and get feedback.

Sahar will be the facilitator, guiding the group to become a safe place to be vulnerable and experience growth.  It is recommended that you give your group 2 weeks per chapter, meeting with Sahar every 6 weeks.


Hear. Here. is the theme for our first session, covering chapters 1 through 3. How have you tuned in? What have you learned about your voice? How can you find nurturing in this group? How are you taking responsibility for the changes you crave?


Break The Cycle is the theme for chapters 4 through 6.  Now that you have tuned in, it’s time for inward action. Changing perspectives. Accepting weaknesses. Growing strengths. Taking Leaps. Learning to give your voice credibility.


Self Serve Bliss is the theme for chapters 7 through 9. It’s now time for outward action. Setting boundaries. Stepping into your power. Validating your voice. Offering your voice room to grow with you. Using this resource for the rest of your life.

The investment for this is $399, to find out more e-mail Sahar directly at Sahar@SaharPaz.com