This ebook is written for parents and teenagers dealing with bullying and cyberbullying. Whether your child is the one being bullied, or the bully, I want you to know that they are both in an uncomfortable place within themselves.

This book is written as a conversation starter with your teenager. It is tough to find and use our voice at any age, but the sooner you start, the better relationship you will have with your child and quite possibly, yourself.

I've written this ebook so that the first chapter speaks to the parent and the second chapter to the child.

Bullying is not a problem that is reserved only for school years.  

We grow up and face bullies on our block, at our workplace, and especially within ourselves - our ‘Inner Bully’. 

Part of the problem is lack of coping skills, but you can change this, and this ebook is your first step.    




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I was recently published on Literal Shyft about being a conscious parent of a bully, or the child that is being bullied.

"The Inner Bully is a voice that exists within all of us.  
This is the tone our inner voice takes when we hold ourselves back. It is an extreme way of coping, a perspective of all-or-nothing … win-or-lose. It is a narrow way of thinking that comes from being scared, perhaps seeing yourself as weaker-than, or even damaged.
Ultimately the Inner Bully is trying to protect you, but goes about it in a demeaning way."

Click here to read more.

Sahar speaks to both the bully and the bullied in her school presentation. 

By illuminating the uncomfortable emotional place both of these students are experiencing, the bullied becomes empowered, and the bully, feels nurtured. 

During her presentation, Sahar light heartedly plays out the skit of the relationship we all have with the Inner Bully. 

Students are entertained and grasp the the idea of having a relationship with their Inner Voice. Lessening impulsive bullying and suicidal experiences. 



In family programs I bring a voice to every person's point-of-view.  

Depending on the situation, members of the family may want to meet with me individually versus in a group. However, all of my family sessions end with every members of the family being present.  

I mentor your teen to understand how to express and cope during challenging times. 

I hold space for parents to refuel, and guide them to conscious parenting habits; adopting conversation versus being reactive.

 I serve as a mediator and translator recognizing and validating every person's point-of-view. 


  • 30 minute phone call with parent pre-session 
  • 45 minute video session (individual or family)
  • post-session wrap-up e-mail 
  • $185 investment 
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As parents it is our innate desire to protect our children. Although it is an admirable trait, we cannot protect our children from the world. It is not possible. 

What is possible is teaching them how to cope and use their voice.

Bullies will always be around. As an adult you can look down the block, around your office, or even witness today's political climate to see that bullies are a life-long problem. 

Watch my video for three tips to guide your child to use their voice against bullying. 


Bullies come in two forms, one of them is the Inner Bully.

Here is a meditation I've created for you to when you are feeling overwhelmed by your actual OR Inner Bully!

Hi, I'm Sahar

I'm a suicide prevention expert, keynote speaker, and author dedicated to breaking the stigma of emotional health in individuals, schools, and society.

I guide students, adults, educators, and professionals to understand the relationship between their thoughts and emotions, freeing them, and their voice from unhealthy coping patterns.

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