Sahar Paz expertly weaves through her astounding journey of survival and self-empowerment, while offering useful tools to reclaim your voice, power and authenticity. I cannot recommend this book enough for anyone looking to expand their minds, as well as their hearts. A wonderful journey within.
— Meli Salihagic, MSW


"Find Your Voice" details the incredible journey from self-preservation to self-discovery to ultimate victory for Sahar Paz.

Her remarkable triumph over seeming insurmountable obstacles provides true inspiration for us all.

More than a memoir, this book provides a tool for reflection and a guide for tuning in to your authentic inner voice to create the life you crave.

In each chapter, Sahar shares a creative non-fiction story, as well as a guide for the reader to understand her inner voice. These practices are rooted in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a technique that has positively impacted many suffering from PTSD, including the author.

With Sahar’s deeply personal and poignant stories as the backdrop, you will begin to understand the relationship between your inner-voice, your emotions & the life that forms around them.


Sahar’s book, her radiant personality and passion to help others find their voice is an inspiration to me. You know that voice that you have been searching for to help guide you through life, and you’ve looked in so many different places and still can’t find it? It turns out it’s in ‘Finding Your Voice
— Asha Dahya, Editor-in-Chief, Girl Talk HQ
Entertaining and approachable. Sahar paints a true masterpiece with her words, and offers clarity and guidance in connecting to the inner voice. She offers women the permission to fearlessly go after a dream, and the power of saying yes to all of the possibilities of life. Beautiful.
— Dana Michelle Cook, Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker and Television Producer