How to stay calm amidst all this fear and anger.

I write this to you today with genuine curiosity, and a bit of concern.

There is so much focus on fear and anger today, that I think about you, as an individual -- and how you are processing and letting go of all that is flying towards you?

You can't log onto social media, skim a newspaper cover, or watch T.V., without seeing headlines and comments rooted in fear and anger. 

You are human, so there is a good chance, that your emotions are being worked up by this very shift of focus.

When you begin to feel your mind racing, your stomach burning, or you are anxious and have the need to control, please take 10 minutes and take advantage of this free meditation I created for you. 


I want to help you connect deeper with your tribe, your circle, your support system (family, friends, partner).

We need each other to live healthy and joyous lives. 

Yes, you may disagree often with a family member. Perhaps you are afraid of another deep relationship (friend or romantic) disappointing you again.

These are patterns with love that keep you from genuine connection and support. 

The kind of love you need in your life to honor your worth.

The kind of love we need in our homes to balance the fear and hate in society. 

The kind of communication that allows you and your relationships to feel safe and supported. 

Please join me and Christine Gutierrez on February 2nd for a FREE web-jam!

It's an hour of free insight and advice that reflects the outline of our 3-week course.  Please bring a pen and paper, as we are going to give everyone reflective exercises for free that will be focused on... 

...YOUR LOVE STORY - What is the patterns you take when it comes to giving and receiving love. 

...YOUR EXPECTATIONS - How do you expect love to show up? How do you expect love to change you?

...YOUR WILLINGNESS TO COMPROMISE - Do you hardly compromise subconsciously pushing people away, or will compromise everything about yourself in the name of love and friendship?

Christine and I will both be on the Web-Jam on February 2nd,  4:30pm PST / 7:30pm EST, reserve your spot here! 

Please continue to keep your focus on love, so that you can find peace amidst the negativity out there! Let me know how I can support you. 

Thinking about you,