What Now? How to gather as women now that the march has come and gone.

What Now? How to gather as women now that the march has come and gone.

Hi there, 

I woke up Saturday unsure of which Women's March I wanted to be a part of: Los Angeles, San Diego, or North San Diego County. 

I wasn't weighing things like traffic, as much as, I was pondering which gathering would have me cross paths with those in my community wanting to take steps beyond this march. 

I live in Oceanside, just north of San Diego, so I ended up going to North San Diego  march, where over 10,000 people showed up!

The camaraderie moved to me to tears on many occasions. So did random moments that introduced me to exactly the women I needed to meet, to make an impact in my own back yard.

A women who is a spiritual leader, another with political knowledge, a young lady that is media savvy, another that served as a Marine, and a social butterfly with access to the community. 

This is my roundtable of voices that I plan to meet with monthly to talk about a grassroots movement that empowers our voices, and uses them to better the specific challenges of our local community. 

I would love to connect with you to brainstorm how you can begin to create these roundtables in your area. It doesn't take much, just a perfect array of women and men wanting to keep the conversation going.

If you are in San Diego County please reach out!  I am creating 5 more circles in my county, and would to have you start your own. Just reply to this e-mail and let's start the conversation! 

I have been in the business of empowerment since 2008, and one unifying reason why people don't speak up is, they think: it won't make a difference. 


The march itself was an idea posted to Facebook, that became a huge conversation, and then a movement. 

I am asking you to use your voice to keep the momentum of this movement going. 

Your roundtable can serve a multitude of purposes -- personal or community growth, maybe even a political shift.  Use your voice, and gather your sisters!

Here are a few ways you can connect with me in the virtual world: 

Until January 31st I am offering parents of teenagers a survival guide to the "Inner Bully"

February 2nd: Find Your Voice. Own Your Worth. Free webinar dedicated to your pattern when it comes to love - with family, friends, and romantic relationships. 

March 3rd: Meet me at the United Nations in NYC for Speak Up Women conference where I will be presenting: Speaking Up -- What's Holding You Back. 

I look forward to connecting more with you in 2017. Please do let me know if I can brainstorm with you on creating a roundtable!

Have a wonderful week.

With gratitude, 
Sahar Paz

My next event is February 2nd! It's for women, men, and it's free on the web! Click here to sign up.

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