In yoga, we offer both the left and right side of the body a practice for balance.

The left side, as mentioned earlier this month,is your feminine energy. Everyone, men and women, have this “energy”  – which are really qualities we are all capable of.

Qualities such as creativity, intuition, empathy, and honesty.

The beauty of feminine qualities cannot be fully expressed, or incorporated into your life, without discipline and boundaries – qualities of masculine energy. In yoga this is the right side of your body.

For the sake of continuity, I’m going to go back to the voice of compassion we spoke about on March 3rd, I ask you to reflect on how you have, or plan to bring more compassion into your perspective (your inner voice)?

This plan, thinking logistically, is your masculine energy. An energy most of society naturally operates from, as it is the one that has governed the systems that have built our communities.

We are using your masculine energy to think steps on how you can develop and exude more of your feminine capabilities.  So, lets take a glance at these handsome qualities.

How do you break things down step by step? — or do you have a hard time doing that?

Did you analyze a lot about how you are or are not compassionate?

Have you thought about how you want to incorporate compassion (or creativity, empathy, honesty), into your life?

Most of us operate from the masculine, step-by-step, control your destiny, have a competitive drive. Nothing wrong with any of those qualities.

I’m asking you to analyze and reflect:

– How do you plan for a major shift, like adopting more compassion?

– Are you realistic? Are you comparative and competitive? This could be too much masculine energy guiding you.

– Does your masculine energy tell your ego to not try if you are not good at it?

Get to know your masculine and you will be able to use these qualities for changes that fuel you.  Like the voice of compassion.

Why be more compassionate in life – towards yourself and others?

Because compassion motivates action – and that is the building block to change, to creating the life you crave.

When you are more understanding of your process you will put yourself down less. Wow, imagine that, a healthy inner voice that doesn’t cuss you out. A inner narration that does not constantly remind you one way or another that where you are, and, who you are, is not enough.

When practicing the voice of compassion you will feel more confident in your interactions. It has a beautiful way of making people seem, well, human – so you are a lot less threatened and hurt by others.

In short, compassions kicks ass, and brings a lot of good energy and experiences your way.

Now, how do you use your masculine energy to develop your feminine?

Discuss below in comments, I would love to know!

Today we step into uninhibited leadership. Are you joining us?