Are you a perfectionist?

Answer always, frequently, rarely, or never to the following…

Making mistakes always causes problems. 

You spend so much time making sure you do something correctly, that you ignore other tasks, or people. 

You firmly believe it is important to do things right the first time. 

You avoid doing things that you don’t think you can do perfectly. 

You feel like other people think badly of you if things aren’t done right. 

You feel like you need to do EVERYTHING well, even the things you KNOW you are not good at. 

When you accomplish something, there is no satisfaction, nothing is enough, always more you could have done. 

If you answer “always” or “frequently” there is a good chance you and perfection have a dysfunctional relationship. 

Turn to chapter 4 in Find Your Voice to tune into your thought patterns. It’s one thing to tune into  your inner voice, how you speak to yourself. It’s another to understand your process … patterns.

One simple way to tune into your process is to keep an ear out for when you should or must yourself.

I shouldn’t have eaten that today. 

I must have it all figured out before I talk about it. 

Easy does it girlfriend.

I often say this to new yoga students:

You don’t have to be flexible in your body, just in your mind. 

Once you have your should’s and must’s in check, turn your attention to being more flexible in your way of thinking.

You have certain “rules” you live by, like be a kind person.

You don’t have to be kind every single moment of every single day to be a kind person.

Rigid rules are not helpful. They take you away from your freedom. Away from your full expression in life.

Lets get to s t r e t c h i n g your rules. Stepping out of black-and-white, and diving into color…

Think about your expectations for yourself and others. 

Do you have high expectations?

Do you get hurt, angry, anxious, or disappointed when things don’t go your way?

Is it difficult for you to set goals or expectations that are reasonable? 


Listen to how you answered, then revise your approach to a more flexible tone…

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s okay for me to make them too. 

People are asking personal questions to get to know me, not to judge me. 

It is okay to show someone my draft, or share my idea before it is completely figured out. 

Your emotions will not shut off, but you will begin to make a choice not to invest in being embarrassed or  angry when you act…HUMAN.

Mistakes are part of being human. At work. In relationships. As a parent.

Don’t take the joy away from your process. A great way to test the perfectionist in you is to test your balance on the yoga mat, and be calm in your breath and body when you wobble out, click play below!