PART 1: How to have emotions in a man's world.

PART 1: How to have emotions in a man's world.

November is #Movember, which makes it a perfect time to give some attention to the emotional health of men, and the masculine way of dealing with emotions. 

I'm going to ask you not to think about gender when I say masculine or feminine. 

These are simply qualities that exist in every human being.  In yoga, the right side of your body is the masculine energy, the left side is your feminine energy. Combining the two gives you a whole view of the world. 

You can be logical and empathetic. 

You can be analytical and creative. 

You bring yourself to action in a nurturing way. 

We have learned and flourished as a society from masculine energies. We needed it when we were building systems such as road ways, water lines, and even finance. But, the progress of civilization includes the emotional health of our society, especially our men. 

It is time for us to grow our feminine qualities such as compassion, creativity, and honesty. 

The masculine qualities of being logical, analytical, and coming to action, are actually taking away from our emotional process. We are intellectualizing our emotions too much, and not feeling enough. 

We are afraid to feel. We are afraid we won't be enough. 

WE include men, women, and teenagers. I coach all of you. And, the common thread is fear of not being enough. 

You are enough. 

And, you are still man enough if you give yourself permission to feel it out. I know society expects you to man up,  or you are afraid to feel it through, but I urge you to challenge yourself to feel this month.  Just let it sit with you for a bit, before you push it down, or say it's a waste of time. 

If down deep you are not happy with something, there is a good chance you won't be clear about it, unless you feel it through. 

Learn more by watching my video: 

PART 2: How to have emotions in a man's world.

PART 2: How to have emotions in a man's world.

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