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Sahar Paz



Sahar Paz


Sahar Paz is a keynote speaker, author of “Find Your Voice” and passionate about starting critical conversation that impact the emotional health  of individuals and society.

She guides students, adults, educators, and professionals to understand the relationship between their thoughts and emotions, freeing them -  and their voice  - from destructive coping patterns.

Her passion for this work came from her personal journey of surviving war, sexual abuse, suicide attempts, and professional burnout. 

Her first book, Find Your Voice, The Life You Crave is a Conversation Away is a critically acclaimed memoir and reflection guide based on her journey, and the tools that ultimately saved her life. 

Sahar's thought-provoking keynotes have been presented at respected conferences such as Emerging Women Live, and University of Denver Women’s Conference. Her clients range from high schools dealing with bullying and suicide, to Fortune 500 companies like Facebook, and socially-conscious organizations like Whole Foods.  

To hire Sahar to speak at your organization please email info@SaharPaz.com

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Sahar's Book


Sahar's Book

Sahar Paz expertly weaves through her astounding journey of survival and self-empowerment, while offering useful tools to reclaim your voice, power and authenticity. I cannot recommend this book enough for anyone looking to expand their minds, as well as their hearts. A wonderful journey within.
— Meli Salihagic, MSW


"Find Your Voice" details the incredible journey from self-preservation to self-discovery to ultimate victory for Sahar Paz.

Her remarkable triumph over seeming insurmountable obstacles provides true inspiration for us all.

More than a memoir, this book provides a tool for reflection and a guide for tuning in to your authentic inner voice to create the life you crave.

In each chapter, Sahar shares a creative non-fiction story, as well as a guide for the reader to understand her inner voice. These practices are rooted in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, a technique that has positively impacted many suffering from PTSD, including the author.

With Sahar’s deeply personal and poignant stories as the backdrop, you will begin to understand the relationship between your inner-voice, your emotions & the life that forms around them.


Sahar’s book, her radiant personality and passion to help others find their voice is an inspiration to me. You know that voice that you have been searching for to help guide you through life, and you’ve looked in so many different places and still can’t find it? It turns out it’s in ‘Finding Your Voice
— Asha Dahya, Editor-in-Chief, Girl Talk HQ
Entertaining and approachable. Sahar paints a true masterpiece with her words, and offers clarity and guidance in connecting to the inner voice. She offers women the permission to fearlessly go after a dream, and the power of saying yes to all of the possibilities of life. Beautiful.
— Dana Michelle Cook, Emmy award winning documentary filmmaker and Television Producer


Find Your Voice Resources


Find Your Voice Resources


I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by this page.

It lets me know you are a person dedicated to change, that is a quality about you that will never go away. Honor that.

I’ve created yoga and meditation videos that are meant to be partnered with the chapters in Find Your Voice. If you’ve found yourself here and don’t have the book, no worries. Enjoy the message and I hope that it brings you relaxation and clarity.

Come with no expectations and no fear. Don’t worry how many thoughts will come up for you, this is the space where you will learn how to listen, and how to detach.

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you. I want to heal the world, and I know I can’t do it alone. I need your help, so, please invest in your voice. So that you feel nurtured, loved, and courageous enough to speak your truth.

Be the shero of your story, and you too, will heal the world.

Sahar Paz

Click here to get yoga videos for chapter 1-3. 

Click here to get yoga videos for chapter 4-9. 

Sahar is one of those women who’s words echo in my mind since I found her online, and connected with her through her 1:1 program. She has taught me to respect my truth, my story, and my voice.
— Amy Rosenberg, Denver, CO


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When I ask you to FIND YOUR VOICE...I don't mean just your spoken voice.  Our INNER VOICE is the one with the real power.

You see, your Inner Voice, has a pattern of its own. 

If you want to know how you deal with life, and what is pushing you to grow, or holding you back, THE FIRST place you want to listen is to your own INNER VOICE. 

We all have thinking patterns. Some that are helpful. Some that are destructive. 

I have created Archetypes to help you understand the different ways of thinking we posses - as men, women, and teenagers. 

You can get to know 4 of the Archetypes in these videos below, and get to know all of them more closely in my self led course! 

Below the videos you will see all four modules for the "Introduction to Finding Your Voice" digital course!



Keynote Presentations


Keynote Presentations

Her speaking and presentation style are powerful, intuitive and genuine.

Think of it as truth serum for the soul.
— Facebook, Austin



Turn thoughts and emotions working against you into your greatest allies. FIND & free your voice. 


HOW TO have emotions in a man's world 

Insightful talk highlighting how society has adopted a logical and analytical

approach to the emotional process, and how it is working agains us as a whole,


Anxiety, depression & direction in life 

How to navigate college life in a healthy way. A presentation that encapsulates life in higher education: stress, balance, and social media. 

All The Times I Should Have Said No

Guiding college students to set boundaries and speak up about sexual assault by sharing my personal experience. 



Sahar’s journey has led her from a quiet perfectionist to a fierce woman, embracing her inner voice and encouraging others to do the same. We are thrilled to share her voice with you at Emerging Women Live.
— Chantal Pierrat, Founder, Emerging Women Live Conference
Sahar related to our student body in a way no other speaker has done before. She captured their attention, got them to think, and her message was echoed on campus for weeks to follow.
— Erin Rovner, Director of Student Affairs, SVA



For students and educators guiding them to integrate healthy coping habits



Highlighting the deterioration of courage, voice and interpersonal relationships 

After the loss of three students, our campus as a whole was drowning with sadness. Sahar’s honest presentation, from someone who has been through it, stirred up all good emotions. Her genuine message is still shared between our students today.
— Jeralyn Mire, Counselor, Sandpoint High School
Sahar captured staff and students with her deeply inspiring story. Whatever was overwhelming any of us in that auditorium became graspable...it felt like a collective sigh of relief.
— Dr. Stephens, Woman's Studies, C.U. in Denver


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